26 September 2009

I don't think property violence is particularly immoral

"I don't think property violence is particularly immoral" - Hmm. So people lighting your home on fire wouldn't bother you? Or is it just other people's stuff that it is okay to destroy?

I haven't figured out why people would think it is okay for stuff to be destroyed. I guess I can understand that people are annoyed at the banks. Or global trade. Or the government(s). But that doesn't really excuse running around trying to start a riot. Or smashing store front windows of businesses (a Boston Market, Quiznos, a bank, and BMW dealership). Of course, we've also got plenty of anti-riot stuff now it seems. That sonic weapon technology is starting to get either really cool or really scary. I'm not sure which. Probably the latter.

I have no problem if a bunch of environmentalists, socialists, or anarchists want to protest either (by WTO/G20 protest standards, it sounds like this was a pretty low turnout anyway). I'm not sure why they had to be engaged and dispersed. I do think it was perfectly legitimate to try to control their location of assembly. Otherwise, keep it civil if you must protest and demonstrate, and don't smash stuff. It doesn't endear me to your cause if you're violent and disrespectful. And don't go around saying afterward that it's okay to smash stuff. Presumably it's okay because you did some smashing, and nothing anybody does could possibly be "wrong" or immoral. I could be encouraged to find a hammer and some of your windows. Or your ipod. Because it's fun to smash stuff when someone thinks its okay. Think it through next time.
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