23 October 2007

happened to me

"What happened to me is both tragic for me and a lot of people," says Monus, who watched Rockies and Indians ballgames while in prison.

Now keeping in mind that being sent to prison isn't very pleasant.. I'd have to wonder how someone who was convicted on 109 counts of embezzlement and fraud could have the balls to say 'what happened to me'. It happened because of your activities dipshit; it wasn't an accident. A car wreck where one car's brakes fail or someone doesn't make a good, quick reaction is an accident. Something unpleasant happened to someone. A car wreck caused by a drunk driver or someone driving too slow (yes, too slow) or way too fast is caused by someone. This smells to me like the second case.. so I'd have to wonder why something 'happened to him', rather than the other way around.
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