13 March 2011

Bracket thoughts

1) VCU wasn't even on my list of teams to monitor after they lost to ODU last week (really prior to that, when it was clear that Wichita St wasn't very good either). They're about #80, and you generally have to be in the top 50 for an at large bid.
2) UAB was about comparable to some of the teams that got hosed (Colorado, Alabama in particular).
3) Virginia Tech got hosed again.
4) Pitt's region has pretty much nobody of consequence in it. BYU is about right sans Davies. Florida should be swapped with Kentucky. Florida is seeded as a #2 and is the 6th best team in that region. I'm a little confused with the Belmont-Utah St 12-13 (the seedings aren't surprising, little conferences get no respect.. but that they're both in the same region seems odd).
5) Duke has 3 top 5 teams in their region. They like hitting the defending champs with a bunch of talent I guess. Texas got hosed. 4 seed? They actually seem to get screwed every year on this stuff. 8 seed last year was way below their level.
6) Ohio St has 3 teams in a row seeded #3, #7, #2 in that order... and dropped off the list of title contenders. Kentucky might have moved up into it by getting a 4 seed. Still looks like Duke and Kansas only.
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