19 August 2010

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War is over!

Well. Yeah...but I sort of found this buried in there:

"That presence is far from over. Scatterings of troops still await departure, and some 50,000 will stay another year in what is designated as a noncombat role. They will carry weapons to defend themselves and accompany Iraqi troops on missions (but only if asked). Special forces will continue to help Iraqis hunt for terrorists.

So the U.S. death toll — at least 4,415 by Pentagon count as of Wednesday — may not yet be final.

The Stryker brigade's departure left about 52,600 U.S. troops in Iraq as of Thursday"

And that's just the actual troops. Nothing is said at all about private contractors of the militarized variety.

Naturally it's more important to argue about "mosques" than pay attention to petty details like tens of thousands of troops in a hostile territory.

It wouldn't do to point out the things that the so-called "professional left" was complaining about. You know, that war, that other war, and the various civil liberties questions that have been left unresolved (Gitmo being symbolic of these, but hardly the most important and pressing for most Americans), if not gotten worse (or at least see a government which campaigned on transparency seeking more obtuse powers for itself). The actual "professional left", of which I am occasionally aligned, has more varied complaints than that.
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