08 August 2010


I liked it. First of all.

I'm a little skeptical of a couple things.
1) Dreams are pretty wild and strange places. At least mine are. While they did some fun stuff with the physics of it, and especially the nature of reality while in a dream, the way the brain processes information like sound or sense data from the real world (or the above dream state world), I'm not sure that they pushed it strange enough. Perhaps that was the point: to make it harder to tell the dream from the reality. This was in some respects like the 3rd Matrix movie. The limits and boundaries shouldn't quite exist. Maybe they're there though because our mind puts them in place.

2) It seems to me like it's actually pretty easy to plant an idea in somebody else's head. I suppose the point was to make it seem like it was your own idea rather than originating somewhere else. But that actually does not seem like a very big problem for most people. A half-remembered dream is probably a good enough source to make it seem like a pretty good idea to most people I should think without bothering to trace down the "source" as it were. Lots of information gets into my brain removed from the clarity of the source from ages ago. I suspect ideas are little different.

Despite this, the twin arc of trying to get somewhere, and trying to get away from somewhere (someone really), and the dream like state that exists in between those places in your mind was a pretty cool twist. What was much better about it was that "trying to get somewhere", the somewhere almost didn't seem to matter at all. It was all about trying to escape from underneath a regret or a mistake or a pain and the "inception" of that pain being.. yourself. Something you did to destroy something you built (or could have built). Almost anywhere is better than imprisoning yourself in a tomb of old memories constantly refreshed and constantly revisiting themselves unbidden on your mind. I don't have to sleep to dream those up and recall it, live in it for a moment, but I do understand the concept. After a while, it helps to remember other things. Things that become more important than holding on to what was or could have been remind you to live again.

Or to dream.
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