20 March 2010

day 2

Less brisk. CBS annoyed me quite a bit by shifting to Wisconsin's close, but boring, game over Missouri's slightly less close but exciting uptempo game. Other than the 3 big 10 teams (who decided to make their victories as challenging as possible) and the Missouri game, it was mostly a collection of yawners.

I shall refer to Gonzaga as the Brett Farve of the NCAA. In that it's practically impossible to properly estimate their abilities. They could show up. Or not. They showed up this year. So far.

Utah State losing, by that much, surprised me. I suppose I will live with going 27-5. I've got one sheet at 28-4 and I appear to be averaging around 26-6 overall, but the "average" pick works out to 27-5. Which is not too bad, all things considered. Texas and Georgetown look to be the only real burns. The call of California over Louisville seems to have worked out. Thanks to the Big East for being overrated and the Pac-10 for being underrated (as usual).

The 28-4 if it works out to be the best bracket I have, I'll be incredibly surprised. It's rather upset heavy over the next two days (for some reason I picked Cal to win in that one over Duke for example. I think it was the LRMC/Pomeroy model).

Teams who need to win today and tomorrow to continue the pot odds gains: Washington (9%-51), BYU (10%-87), Xavier (21%-71), Wake Forest 1%-93 (I didn't pick them but it would nuke anybody who picked Kentucky. Which wasn't me). Purdue (33%-47) and Tennessee (20%-0) would be mildly helpful (TU because I usually picked G'Town, but I hedged a bit. I hate picking Bruce Pearl way more than picking Duke). As would Butler (40%-0) and Maryland (44%-52). If Cornell (11%-59)beats Wisconsin I will be very annoyed.
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