19 March 2010

day 1

That was brisk. Lots of close ones and a couple usual buzzer beaters.

The Big East, as I correctly anticipated, was way overrated. I did not anticipate Georgetown losing to Ohio, but I did write a week ago that they were vulnerable for an early exit. They're roughly in the same rating point as the highest rated teams last year to lose early: West Virginia (as a 6 seed last year) and...Wake Forest (as a 4 seed last year), which got through this year by playing the other team with a strange lack of competence down the stretch. I had Marquette and Notre Dame out early. Washington I had rated right behind Marquette (literally) and Notre Dame was way behind Old Dominion. These are not good signs if you're supposed to be the higher seed that you are rated behind or right alongside your opponent in the first round. The only others like this were: Murray State-Vandy, UNI-UNLV (the only actual 8-9 tossup, the rest were way out of kilter), Mizzou-Clemson and Utah State-Texas AM. Second round I have Washington slightly ahead of New Mexico as well. Georgia Tech rates way ahead of Oklahoma State and Notre Dame was, as mentioned, way behind ODU. I should have listened to this on the Richmond-St Mary's game (my third miss of the first day).

Murray State rated ahead of Vanderbilt on my list, which worked out thanks to a crazy step back jumper with a second left from twenty feet and two hands in the face. But I blame the President for picking that one and probably making it roughly more popular. I wanted my pot odds. At least the Notre Dame upset was unpopular and got me some gain.
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