07 January 2014

Very early NCAA rankings

Now that college football season is over (I think), I can start looking at this college basketball season more skeptically. These are very early rankings. I won't include top 100 records until February as most teams haven't played more than 5 or 6 meaningful games yet coming into the start of conference play. So far it looks like the ACC and Big Ten are heavy as usual, and the Pac-12 finally isn't an embarrassment after the last several seasons being subpar (4 top 25 teams and the #1 overall). The schismed Big East-American conference would do pretty well too.

1) Arizona
2) Ohio St (defense is insane, offense, not so much)

3) Louisville
4) Michigan St
5) Wisconsin
6) Oklahoma St

7) Iowa
8) Villanova
9) Iowa St

10) Creighton (first unranked AP team)
11) Duke
12) Syracuse (2nd in polls)
13) Pitt (first unranked in both polls)
14) Kentucky
15) Gonzaga
16) Kansas
17) Wichita St

18) Cincinnati
19) Michigan

20) Oregon
21) Florida
22) Colorado
23) UCLA
24) St Louis
25) Arkansas

Ranked teams outside top 25.
42) Baylor (they're in the top 10 in the polls)
28) San Diego St
30) UMass
41) Illinois
40) Memphis
52) Kansas St

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