29 January 2014

Never sleep

Just dream.

A poisonous thing.
Some words.
And a promise

Mirrored on the glass
Frozen expressions
molded. As a mask

A mask that smiles
Another to frown.
Crinkled at the brow

The water in the room
Flooding. Empty spaces
between the glass

Beneath or behind
Drowns the sinking ship
in a wake of brilliant lights
Stirred up by a paddle

Fleeing faster.
The alchemist turns the air
to mud
Where no one can follow.

Scorched bridges behind
No where to hide
from piercing glances
That never came.

Blank. Divided. Gasping
gulping in the mud
tastes of lavender

The mirror wasn't always empty
Open eyes walking
Bumping into things

In circles.
circles. Repeated words

Never sleep

Just a dream

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