05 March 2012

A random development

Apparently the media discovered the hokey traditions of Mormons and decided to plaster the posthumous baptisms across the landscape over the last two weeks. 

My thoughts
1) I don't care.
2) It does not offend me because it does not affect me.
3) It would seem like at worst a benign action. It's not like they are attempting to curse your family lineage with male pattern baldness or something. Therefore I don't think it should offend anyone else because they would be dead.
4) If it does bother you now, fine, be bothered. But you would still be dead when it occurred and thus it shouldn't be bothering you at the time. Diogenes' advice to give his corpse a stick to fend off wild animals applies here.
5) I think the only people who have a legit gripe therefore are family members or friends surrounding and surviving the target of this practice. I'm not totally sure why they should be pissed either, but they would at least be alive to observe some sort religious intolerance toward this strange behavior. 
6) I also think it's about as stupid as an atheist tendency to get "unbaptisms". Or whatever other quasi religious rituals that (other) atheists have adopted. If "we" are going to copy off religion, at least pick the fun parts like music or architecture, or the clever parts like washing as a symbolic moral act. Don't pick the stupid superstitious parts.

Basically, every religion has weird stuff in it like this that some of its practitioners use. This one just freaks people out because it is newer and therefore stranger (just as Islam freaks out Europeans and Americans, it's mostly new to them).

So get over it. You all look weird to me. You are lucky I don't think you are all totally insane. Fighting or getting annoyed over things that don't happen at all (because they happen when you are dead), just adds fuel to the fire.

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