26 March 2012

A point which need be made

Actually a couple.

First, I haven't quite figured out what Hunger Games is supposed to be about in the first place. Lord of the Rings had a clearer "rite of passage" sort of tinge to it, along with everything else in there. What's the thematic significance of tromping around in the woods for other people's amusement at risk of death? What's the agenda? Is there a message? Or is this just like a Twilight/Harry Potter type phenomenon and I should just give up thinking about whilst not having any interest in actually reading said objects (given that all points indicate poor writing styles, and the best summary of Harry Potter was something like "young ladies should fall in love with the first appealing young man who comes along". Maybe, maybe not, but I think we could make that point without several thousand pages of agonizingly bad phrases. Or rather, we shouldn't need words to make that point. Hormones kind of do that for us at that age).

As a broader related point, I'm not sure who or what decided there shall be a young adult fiction category, and that it shall be read by teenagers, but whoever decided that should also have foretold that no one shall be permitted to write for it lest they shall be a horrible and untalented author. I'm trying to remember if, as a teenager, I read anything of the kind, where I was the intended 12-15 year old audience member, and I'd have to say no. Sherlock Holmes maybe? I might have skipped this category of book. Or been reading it much earlier. When bad writing is less punishing on the mind. This might explain my indifference to it now.
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