06 February 2012

NCAA weak two

Yes. Weak.

1) Ohio St.
2) Kentucky

3) Kansas (even after losing to Missouri)
4) Syracuse

5) Michigan St
6) Wisconsin
7) North Carolina
8) Missouri

9) Indiana
10) Baylor
11) Florida
12) Wichita St
13) Duke
14) New Mexico (biggest jump up, not much happened except three blowout wins in a row against mediocre teams, including Colorado St)
15) Georgetown

16) St. Louis
17) UNLV
18) Marquette
19) Florida St
20) Creighton

21) St Marys
22) Texas
23) Kansas St
24) Virginia
25) Memphis

California dropped out of the top tiers and losing to Arizona (at home) moved Arizona upward into the very large "probable" bracket bubble. 

The most interesting top range team to me is Texas. All of their losses except for North Carolina have been in close games and except for Oregon St on a neutral court, they've all been to very good teams. Two problems for them in RPI. They have only 3 decent wins (Temple, Iowa St, at UCLA), and no "good" wins. So it comes down to whether people think losing by less than 10 to Missouri (twice), Baylor, Kansas, Kansas St, NC St, and Iowa St matters. Given that there are plenty of teams with no schedule like this in other "power" conferences (anyone in the Pac-12), Texas is probably in good shape.

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