17 November 2010

This is getting encouraging

I was kind of wondering where we'd finally draw the line on the security theater methods. It was bad enough months ago when these body scanners even were being kicked around as an option and it was apparent that they don't work (as their claimed intent would suggest at least) and were essentially a government kickback to a prominent lobbyist (in one of the more obvious naked behaviors of special interest benefits over public goods).

But now that these are becoming a prominent method of "security", implemented mostly by morons who are destined to abuse their authority and responsibility, seems like there might finally be a push back against government "security" demands and resulting overreaches into our privacy constraints. Or more properly the rights of the individual to assert such a domain over their own body (that is, who and how others may look upon that body in a more revealing situation).

I'm a little confused about Americans' general squeamishness concerning sex, sexuality, or their own bodies being a point of "public" observation, but it's at least a predictable and reliable point of annoyance. I'm glad to see it might have a positive benefit once in a while.
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