12 November 2010

Airport security

"But the poor dog, a genius of premature inductive inference, just won't believe me. I find this a little annoying, but he's a dog, it only takes a second, and he doesn't fondle my upper thigh."

I'm a little tired of this thing.

But I do think the call to instead of meekly submit to being scanned, demanding that we waste their time with invasive physical searches is a good start.

The point of the security isn't to debase us, and waste our time, it's putatively to improve the safety of the aircraft against hijackings and explosives. Well mostly what does that is alert passengers.

If instead we want to give us embarrassing moments and call it security, we may as well start issuing hospital robes to the passengers to get on the planes.

It's not cost effective to do it this way. I will submit that it seems like Al Qaeda is uniquely fixated like this poor dog on blowing up airplanes instead of actually committing terrorist actions. So focusing security on those airplanes is probably sound. But it'd have to actually be effective security. Those silly body scanners, not so much useful at detecting explosives or even weapons. Maybe we'll catch some drug smugglers, but I doubt we're deterring people by making us take off our shoes and run through imaging systems.

The reason being: nobody else on the fucking planet, countries with much higher risks of terrorist incidents (Israel for instance), don't do this. It's a waste of effort and dignity and time. Grow up and demand we be treated like adults instead of being strip searched to get on the plane.
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