27 December 2009

evidence that I am secretly an old man

Check out the 45 and up

Naturally this was something I predicted I would feel (rage and/or apprehension) at the notion of "updating" classic works of fiction and filling them with fistfights, explosions, and womanizing, with the implicit assumption being that there was somehow not enough real content in the original works to hold our attention.

I'm also slightly amused to watch the chipmunks flutter toward worst movie of the year status.

(Update: the 45+ crowd isn't as extreme as it was from the first blush. It was around 5.9 but has gone up somewhat to a now respectable score, though nowhere near as crazy as those teenagers are. I now get to look down my nose upon "fellow" old people as they allow their culture to be defamed in the name of a cheap movie thrill. If I wanted a movie with explosions and fighting that resembles a crime drama with a superhero involved, I will watch the two new Batman movies. Sherlock Holmes was a different species of superhero.)
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