18 December 2009

The dark side of the Pixar empire

Up equals Gran Turino?

That would probably be funnier if I had seen Up as well.

The editing is a bit choppy on occasion and I'm not sure I found the talking dogs as a comparable character to his neighbours (and the gang). But if Pixar was making darker, grittier fare more so than it already "does" (at least by comparison to Disney), I might be more inclined to see an occasional animated movie. Other than Incredibles, I haven't been so inclined (I've seen most of Pixar's works, or at least those works prior to 2004 or so, at some point in various ways, but I wasn't inclined to seeing them prior to doing so was my point here). It does bring to surface the fact that Pixar seems to be engaged in making movies for adults that are cartoons such that kids will drag them there. Which is probably the most secretly effective marketing angle I can think of for a movie production company.
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