07 May 2009

did I miss something?

check out the videos..both of them

I must have missed the part where we'd be moving a dangerous terrorist into a maximum security prison on our soil. To locations where if they escaped they would receive very minimal aid from random citizens if any and where they would receive very minimal assistance from other inmates to escape anyway. Much as there are plenty of deranged people in the prison system, they often carry a suspiciously high level of "patriotic" fervor for which people who have attacked our country or our armed forces would not be viewed in high esteem.

But apparently the GOP thinks we're stupid and forgot that the reason they're being stored largely in Gitmo is not a safety concern, but rather an attempt at extra-legal maneuvering on the supposed logic that our laws and rights do not extend to foreign soil military bases. An attempt which has been struck down in various forms and levels by court rulings over the past several years and which has had undesirable impacts on our ability to deny future recruits to terrorist cells. It's a moral, legal, and political eyesore. But apparently it somehow kept us safer at night? I doubt it.

Also, I seem to need to replace my DVD-drive. It's gotten realllllly loud in the intervening time frame for which I didn't need to use it (I crack all my games to prevent the need for non hard drive use).
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