03 November 2014

John Oliver has this show

And on it he seems to talk about all the things I wish people would talk about and be aware of and mad as hell about as I am. And meanwhile is doing so in a sensible and well-informed manner. With some jokes.

1) Prison reform (or at least why we need it)
2) Local and state office elections (the ones nobody pays attention to)
3) Civil asset forfeiture seizures
4) Capital punishment
5) Immigration (couple different ways)
6) Police militarization
7) Drone strikes
8) The stupidity of the Olympics (Winter especially)
9) Global warming
10) Dogs acting out Supreme Court cases. (Okay, that's not really something I wish people would talk about, but it made re-reading the case arguments a little more entertaining).

I wish he had mentioned that the US sugar market not only protects itself from labeling, but also from competition (through exorbitant sugar tariffs and barriers to entry from foreign producers).

The main appeal of the show, for me at least, is that he seems to be conducting long-form journalism pieces disguised as comedic segments. This is something that the format of the Daily Show ordinarily doesn't allow, as it too easily gets bogged down in the same daily grinds that plague the networks it routinely pillories on air. Oh and it is on HBO so they can do an entire segment mocking campaign attack ads by depicting an old man's penis as one of the candidates. So there's that also.
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