22 March 2014

First two days

Well that was fun.

1) Duke loses in round one. This doesn't really qualify as a major surprise. Mercer was pretty good (should have been a 13), and Duke had a bad defence and depended on shooting to win. I had them losing to Tennessee in round two anyway. This should make that Tennessee pick safer.

2) VCU loses. That game they had won and lost on a 4 point play essentially.

3) Number of OT and buzzer beating games. Two games are decided on late second plays (UD and Texas) and 6 games go to OT. This I think suggests the teams were pretty evenly matched. Which was somewhat already known. The disturbing part I guess is that the games that were evenly matched were so obvious.

1) Pitt crushes Colorado
2) Tennessee crushes UMass
3) A-10 struggles (1-4, St Louis has to come back against a team that forgot how to make FTs)
4) Mountain West struggles (1-1, San Diego St wins in OT and almost gives the game away).
5) Harvard and UD as upsets in the early games.

Best bracket went 29-3. Mostly went 27-5
Duke - Mercer
NC State - St Louis
New Mexico - Stanford
New Mexico St - San Diego St (apparently I marginally overrated the state this time, for once, neither I had going anywhere after).
I also missed a few on Oklahoma and North Dakota St.

I think this is the first time in a while I've gotten all the 8-9 games correct. Those were surprisingly easy (only Memphis was even that close).
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