31 January 2012

Early NCAA thoughts

My rankings so far

1) Ohio State
2) Kentucky
(smallish gap)
3) Kansas
3) Syracuse
5) Wisconsin
6) Michigan St (about to drop some after losing to Illinois on the road though)
7) North Carolina
8) Missouri
9) Baylor
10) Florida
10) Indiana
12) Wichita St
13) Duke
14) Marquette
15) UNLV
15) Florida St
17) Saint Louis
18) Georgetown
19) St Marys
20) Creighton
21) California
22) New Mexico
23) Virginia
24) Alabama
25) Texas
26) Kansas St
27) Memphis

Some surprises up there:
Middle Tennessee State at 32, Murray St (undefeated still) at 42, Belmont at 37, Iona at 43, San Diego St all the way down at 51, along with Southern Miss at 47.

Basic impressions. The bubble is very, very weak this year. Either that or middle major to tiny conferences have some very solid teams in them. Probably both. The Pac (12) continues to be a disappointment. It's usually underrated in RPI. This year it's just bad. The SEC has made a comeback after being weak last year. I'm confused why the Big Ten and Big 12 don't just switch names for their conferences, but they both are in a have and have-not status. Big East probably won't get more than 7 but Cincinnati is really hated by RPI for some reason, likely unfairly. It also hates Texas.

Bubble Watch suggests that even some teams that are highly rated here haven't had much on their actual resumes yet, and also has some highly rated teams that don't even show up on my radar (Colorado State, I'm looking in your direction, Southern Miss also. Colorado St is around 90th on my list, RPI has them at 17?).
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