09 December 2011

So it goes

Rick Perry doesn't seem to have any other speed than "I hate X". This seems to be the only way he can campaign is to be on the attack dog stance. Only he possesses about the intellect of an attack dog. Perhaps a trained one to be generous. As annoying and stupid as his new campaign ad was, really the most disconcerting thing to happen this week was this.

93 to 7? I thought al Qaeda, based on information available was defeated. So we still need (more) panic mode governmental powers?

Jon was wrong about which amendment this violates. It's a habeas right that isn't an amendment at all but listed in the articles, article 1 for that matter. The 4th amendment and perhaps the 8th are indeed implicated, but they're less essential in governance terms than rights listed in the articles that haven't been amended. Also, I'd say the 6th and 7th are more at play as well. It's certainly possible people, even American citizens, could and should be detained on suspicion of terrorism charges, but that they should also have due process available to challenge such designations and suspicions in civilian trials with evidence presented against them. We already have  available protections for evidence gathered through secret intelligence methods so neo-conservatives shall now quit whining.

It gets worse. The final bill needs to go to a Congressional committee because there are two versions from each house of Congress. Rather than have open hearings, Congress will debate this violation of civil liberties in secret. And that decision for secrecy was about as close as the Senate vote on this bill. On the plus side the amount of ire stirred up over the Piracy/Copyright bills that were equally egregious and stupid seems likely to kill them both.

But this is getting ugly and downright unacceptable.
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