11 October 2011

A quiz


Not surprisingly, Johnson wins for me. The stark contrast between his statements (or statements similar to his) and the rest of the field is pretty shocking and obvious. Probably this was an unfair test, given the extreme nature of some of the choice quotes for the other candidates. But it's a harmless use of a couple minutes of my time.

Also, I hadn't realized he was Lutheran. I don't particularly care what religious tidings people practice privately so long as they are largely private or unenforceable social mores within their own communities. Investigating his religious perspectives wasn't likely to take a high value since he didn't make them much of a campaign or even a public issue the way Perry, Santorum, Gingrich, Palin, or Bachmann does. Suffices to say, "Lutheran" is a somewhat useful explanation for why this has been the case.
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