12 June 2011

Thoughts to amuse and confuse

and by the way, religious/conservative parents: the story of Jim as countless other stories shows that you should educate your children about the world instead of trying to shield them from it. And that if you teach Creationism to a child with an IQ over 90, you’re just begging to turn him into an atheist.

That line amused me of course.

The more interesting commentary is where the argument advanced by an atheist is basically a modern deistic worldview, where "god" is not some supernatural force, much less one interacting actively and powerfully, but rather one which is expressed through the connections between people. Since I already look at religions as an evolutionary development caused by some quirks in the human brain and the necessity of social creatures to form cooperative units (which religions do very well at), this argument whereby "god" is that cooperative element, and not some independent unit. It's more interesting to see this argument being advanced, and accepted, by a Christian.
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