12 April 2011

Planned parenthood and other bits and pieces

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I remember being stopped in the street in Philadelphia by an activist wanting funding for activism (and not for the actual day-to-day operations for Planned Parenthood), and my response to this...was that they didn't need to worry about it. I'd be okay giving money to the actual organisation. Not for lobbying that wasn't necessary because I was certain that it a) wouldn't pass and b) wouldn't get through the Senate or the President. And c) wasn't necessary to cut in the first place. It mostly saves us money to give poor people access to cheap preventive health care for one and it's not nearly a huge chunk of the funding (neither was NPR, though I'm certainly more comfortable saying we don't really need social funding for public broadcasting companies). Symbolic politics being what they are, I guess it was important to go to war over a few pennies on the floor when there are dollars to be had that are flying out of the building. Remind me again why I'm supposed to take these Tea Partiers seriously?

(Wake me when more Republicans take Paul Ryan seriously. Much less when any Democrats do and propose something of their own which deals with entitlements. Or when Paul Ryan takes himself seriously and proposes things dealing with tax reform more specifically than "we need to do it" and with defence and "security" cuts to boot. He didn't cut nearly enough in my view, still I'm glad someone took using block grants for medicaid seriously at least).

But in any case, the "not intended to be a factual statement" meme, that's glorious.
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