02 December 2010

Oh, right, THAT guy

Since I am a basketball nut, and it is Ohio, I suppose I should say a few things.

1) LeBron and Wade have had a much harder time adjusting to each other than I'd have thought
2) Heat have no center and no point guard (though the lack of point shouldn't matter, LeBron or Wade both did this before). This has been evident with Millsap's 46 point outburst, or any team with a good PG running rings around them (Boston, New Orleans, Utah, Dallas).
3) I think Boston has a much better shot of beating them in the playoffs than I did back in August. Same with LA if they somehow make it to the finals. Bosh is completely worthless against either of these two teams. Duncan would probably eat him up too if its the Spurs. Basically any team with a good PF will chew him up. Haslem getting hurt is going to be a big problem down the road.
4) Despite all this, other than getting crushed in Indiana and Dallas, all of their losses have been close, they're still a playoff team, and they're still #1 in the East in the computer rankings. Boston and Orlando are right behind them though. Still, reports of their imminent demise have been oversold I think. No realistic expectation should be considering this team a title contender. Nor should there have been realistic expectations of such in year one. They're missing too many pieces for that. I'd still expect LA and Boston, though San Antonio looks like they're making a run out West.

5) I don't expect the Cavs to make the playoffs. I might have at the outset of the season, but Indiana has been better than I expected (Hibbert and Dunleavy account for most of that surprise factor, and Collison's been terrible as expected), Toronto hasn't quite been as bad, though that's possibly a mirage, and Milwaukee and Charlotte have had injury problems so far. The biggest problem in Cleveland is, as it was with LeBron, that they have a tortured looking offense. Like they can't score at all. They're also still playing Anthony Parker. Which is a bad idea. Basically this is a team with one good NBA player (Varejao), and a couple decent ones (Mo Williams, Gibson, Jamison, and Powe who doesn't play). And a lot of playing time going to two guys who are terrible (Moon and Parker, and Hickson hasn't done much either yet). So far there are about 7 or 8 terrible NBA teams for the year and the Cavs look like one of them. They also look like one of the least promising moving forward. The Warriors, Clippers, Kings, Wolves, Nets, and even the Wizards all have some young up and coming stars. Basically they're in the same boat as Detroit, with a couple of reasonably good players (Gordon, Prince, Stuckey), not much in the way of good young players (Monroe maybe?) and a couple of over the hill stars (Hamilton/Wallace/McGrady). At least the Pistons won a title a few years ago.
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