24 February 2008



These are great news. Mostly because they point out how stupid Hollywood can be, just before it tries to pat itself on the back for how great it tries to be. Or thinks it is. I believe Halle Berry actually accepted her razzie a few years back in person, one can hope some actors/actresses have a proper level to stoop down when they've failed. My understanding is Nick Cage, John Travolta and such will not be threatened by Lohan's 'rising' stock in the arena of utter movie catastrophes.

It is strange how people who get nominated or even win Oscars then turn around and do ridiculously and obviously terrible movies. Paychecks I guess? But then, Cage and Travolta haven't really ever been good actors anyway. Putting them together in a movie was inevitably terrible. I'm only glad to be able to pick out these movies before I get suckered into seeing them now days. It's only worthwhile to see a bad movie once in a while to have something to poke fun at and lament the fact that people were paid millions to help make something so unworthwhile, something even I could have done better for.
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